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I am a teacher and researcher at the Department of Mathematical Methods and Operations Research, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics at the University of Zilina. I am focused on machine learning in both, teaching and research. My research is also focused on electric vehicles. Among the programming languages, I frequently use are R, Python and Java.

Currently, in the summer semester of 2021/2022, I teach Informatics 2.
As we have aimed the Intelligent information Systems toward machine learning, we are preparing several new courses.
Our primary goal now is to prepare the Introduction to machine learning course (In Slovak named “Úvod do strojového učenia”).
This course introduces machine learning from scratch, with focus on explaining the basic mathematical concepts. We start from vectors, continue through matrices and also explain the whole process of building models, as well as show advanced machine learning models. The whole course will be taught in Python.

My top publications are:

For a full list, please visit my google scholar profile:
Milan Straka

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