Department of Mathematical Methods and Operations Research was established at the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics in 2014 by merging the Department of Transportation Networks and the Department of Mathematical Methods. Research and teaching at the department are focused on several areas. The first main area contains operations research methods, optimization methods for transportation networks for the service centers allocation and vehicle rooting problems, research and development of application for optimization of production, logistics, communication and other control systems. Solving these tasks requires the use of operations research instruments, mathematical programming, probability theory and discrete optimization. The second major area contains the simulation methods for large-scale transport systems. In addition to these areas, the teaching of the Department focuses on the basic mathematical objects (algebra, calculus, graph theory, etc.) as well as a variety of technical subjects (cryptography, information theory, game theory, the basics of computer typography, Open Source, Unix, Geographical Information Systems , Petri nets, vehicle dynamics, computer graphics, stochastic and statistical methods, multimedia systems, artificial intelligence and expert systems).

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