A comparison Continuous Approximation with Mathematical Programming Approach to Location Problems

This page contains benchmarks used for comparison continuous approximation approach with mathematical programming approach to location problems. This data are in text files.
The experiments we can divide by location the location of primary source. We used four possible situations. Distances dsi between primary source and 71 possible terminal location are in table 1.
Experiment number dsiExperiment name
data1.txt P1( s = Bratislava)
data2.txt P2( s = Žilina)
data3.txt P3( s = Košice)
data4.txt P4( s = Banská Bystrica)

Distances between 71 possible terminal locations and 2906 location of customers are determined with matrix dij (in file are saved by rows). Customer location j has nj number of inhabitants. In this tables are results of our experiments.